Councillor Steven Williams
Councillor Steven Williams 
(East Ward) 
41, Fearn Avenue 
DE5 3EW 
07837 263344 
Declaration of Interest coming soon 
Steven was elected to Ripley Town Council in May 2021.  
I’m driven by the desire to keep Ripley Town Council transparent and approachable to the people of Ripley. Many residents still have a “them and us” vision of the council and that should not be the case. Continued presence around the town and at local events along with approachable councillors can help to achieve that goal. 
I hope that during my time as a councillor, I can make a difference for the better of Ripley and keep residents in the picture on all events. 
Ripley Town Council Committees: 
Financial Grants 
Personal Interests: 
I am self-employed, working in the motor trade. I believe that a strong local economy can help a town benefit as a whole. 
I am married with two children and a dog and have lived in Ripley for 14 years. I enjoy reading, walking, cycling, gardening and films 
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