Waingroves information board
Ripley's Rich Heritage 
The Heritage Committee of the Town Council, has been keen to raise the profile of the history of the township. 
This is really varied, ranging from Roman Soldiers marching up Street Lane nearly 2000 years ago to Butterley Company building the Falkirk Wheel and Portsmouth Spinnaker. 
There are ten information boards being installed across the Township giving some interesting facts about the local area. Councillor Ian Fisher has written the text for the boards and they are illustrated with historic pictures that may show things that will be remembered by some and yet be new to others. 
Included are details about Street Lane being part of Ryknield Street. This Roman road runs from the Fosse Way at Bourton on the Water in Gloucestershire to Templeborough in South Yorkshire. Another fact is that John Wesley preached on Ripley Market Place on 18th June 1742 on his way to Sheffield. 
It is inevitable that many items on these boards reflect the industrial past of the area. The opening of the Cromford Canal allowed the development of so many industries such as coal and lime stone workings, brick making and on to iron works and railways. These led to the growth of the population of Ripley and the surrounding villages and we try to show how important these are in the history of the area. 
The information boards will be erected during this spring in the following locations; 
Ambergate, Butterley, Co-op Square (Ripley), Hammersmith, Heage, Marehay, Ripley Market Place, Sawmills, Street Lane and Waingroves. 
Ripley Town Council thank Peter Smith and the Ripley and District Heritage Society for their assistance in producing these boards. 
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